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How to RT evenly from a Twitter list?

Hello - I am using RoundTeam to RT from a list of Twitter accounts. I would like to RT from these accounts somewhat evenly though, because some of them post many more times a day than others. Would it be possible to do something like only RTing from a particular account once per day? Or is there a different / better solution?



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Hi Jenna,

Thank you for this great question.

To control the number of retweets from a specific Twitter account, please create a separate retweet item for this account. Only this way you will be able to limit the amount of retweets from this exact Twitter user. You may use the following configuration item structure: from:Twitter_user_name. Please, learn more about how to retweet from a specific Twitter account.

In case if you retweet from list, we suggest splitting your list into two separate ones. Add more active Twitter accounts to one list and less active accounts to another list. Apply RT Probability filter to the list with more active users. Set RT Probability value to 50 or less. This workaround will help you to balance the amount of retweets from the lists members. However, it still won't allow you to limit the amount of RTs from particular Twitter accounts, only from the list in general.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions.

Best regards,

RoundTeam support

In regards to the above question, is it better to us probability filter to limit tweets on the more active list or the max rt filter? I'm using max rt filter on my 3 teams which only totals 14 rt between the 3 but still keep hitting my rate limit. Why is this? 

Can I give a Twitter acct priority over RTs so it's the first acct retweeted?

Hi @SexaliciousXXX,

Thanks for your question. 

The best way to limit the amount of retweets per hour is to apply Maximum per Hour filter. 

The retweet quota is divided evenly among all active (active = not paused) Twitter handles connected to your RoundTeam account. So if you have 4 Twitter handles, it means that each Twitter handle can make no more than 4 retweets each hour. When one of the handles hits 4 retweets, it is marked as "rate limited" till the next hour. 

All active Twitter handles connected to one RoundTeam account get equal amount of retweets every hour. It is not possible to set a priority over the Twitter handle. You can pause Twitter handles that you are not using at the moment. They will be excluded from the quota this way.

Don't hesitate to ask more questions.

I am re-tweeting  from a Twitter list . Some of the handles are more active than others and get 4-5 re-tweets, while others get 0. Is there a way to set a daily limit to 3 RT to one handle in the list , so my daily re-tweets are spread evenly among everybody on the list ? Thanks

Hi @abitofvintage!

There is no way to limit the number of retweets picked up from a specific person on a Twitter List. However, you can remove this person from the list and create a separate configuration just for this person like the following: from:ThisPersonTwitterName. Add it to Tweets category and apply filters like Maximum Per Hour and RT Probability to limit the amount of content you are getting specifically from this Twitter account.

Hope this helps!

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