Starting from July 24th new retweet limits will be enabled

Important update: We got numerous requests to extend the transition period in RoundTeam before new limitations are activated. We value feedback from our customers. To allow more time for settings adjustment and Teams transferring, we extend the transition period till August 10th.

Currently each Twitter handle connected to RoundTeam can produce up to 35 retweets per hour. In order to keep RoundTeam services focused on its main use cases, such as community building, aggregating updates, creating private groups on Twitter and more, we decided to further limit the number of retweets available to all Twitter accounts connected to one RoundTeam account. Starting from July 24th total number of retweets available to each RoundTeam user (regardless of the number of Teams) will depend on user's account plan. Users with FREE plan will receive 10 retweets per hour divided between all Teams. We understand, however, that customers who use RoundTeam services for business purposes may require a higher number of retweets. To satisfy the needs of all RoundTeam customers, we introduced PREMIUM and BUSINESS subscription plans. PREMIUM users have up to 35 retweets per hour in total for all Teams, while BUSINESS customers enjoy 35 retweets quota per each Team. These plans also bring additional benefits, such as more retweet items, lists and filters.


New retweet limits will be enabled on July 24th. All subscription plans are already available on RoundTeam pricing page.  Please take the time to review them and upgrade your account to make sure there is no diminution in your retweeting activities.

If you have any questions regarding what plan suits your retweet goals best, please do not hesitate to send your questions to sales

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