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Low retweets

Hello I am not getting retweeted on my group I am signed up for, if at all it is maybe 1 or 2 a day and there are over 200 people retweeting others and they are fine.  I am for reason not getting like everyone else. :(

We applied a fix to your retweet system. Please, let us know if the situation improves in the next few days. However, due to the retweet settings of your group, not every your tweet is expected to be retweeted by others.

Please, let us know if you have any questions.

Hi - I'm getting really concerned. I have only had 1 RT over the last 2 days from roundteam, but quite a few people have retweeted me and I have had to reciprocate individually, which is annoying as I thought this was the service I was purchasing from roundteam. I may have made an error in setting up, in which case I would much appreciate your advice on how to get it right. I basically want to RT everyone who RTs me, and If necessary, I am prepared to upgrade but I need your advice on this. Many thanks - Phil Rowan  (@WriterRowan on Twitter)  e-mail

Dear Phil,

We replied to the support ticket you submitted.

Let us know if you have more questions.


Hi- I'm also experiencing low RTs. Please can you check into this?



Thank you for contacting us. 

We replied to the support ticket you created regarding this issue.

Thank you.


I'm also experiencing low RTs. Can you also help check my issue? Thanks a lot!

Hi @Corgi_rabbit,

Thanks for contacting us.

Your current settings need to be changed. I assume you want to retweet everything from a specific account on Twitter. To do this, please use the following structure of the retweet item: from:Twitter_user_name. For example: from:RoundTeam. 

If you want to continue using FREE plan, then follow the Twitter author you want to retweet from and add the mentioned above setting to the Followed category in your RoundTeam dashboard.

You may delete all current settings you have since they are not relevant.

Let us know if you have more questions.