Blackout hours filter - choose the best time of the day for your retweet activity

We are thrilled to announce new Blackout hours filter in RoundTeam. From now on you can avoid retweeting between certain hours of the day. Blackout hours filter helps to deliver relevant content to your Twitter community only when it matters most.

Blackout hours can be applied to any of the settings in Followers, Followed, Everyone or Lists categories. Simply click on the retweet setting and choose Blackout hours from the drop-down menu of filters:

Default hours set for this filter are from 8PM till 7AM. Time zone is set automatically according to your browser settings. You may change default settings at any time.

You can apply up to 3 different Blackout hours filters to a single retweet setting. This will keep your followers engaged during different time intervals and will grow your Twitter presence organically.

Refer to the full list of RoundTeam filters here.

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Excellent! Thanks for this useful new feature!


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