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How this works.

The idea behind this is awesome, kudos. However when your trying to find step by step instructions this entire site reads like an alien. This youtube video I found helps a lot in case anyone else is having the same problems as me.

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Thanks for your feedback.

This Help center article may be helpful for you.

Please, let us know if there is anything specific you need help with.

I appreciate the response but I read over those and they still read to technical for those that are not tech savvy. I think for the visual learners out there, maybe some more content on your youtube channel would be helpful.

Thank you for taking time to give us your feedback. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation. We are working on creation of visual content as well as how-to instructions to help our users get the most value out of RoundTeam. Please, stay tuned and follow @RoundTeam for news and updates.

I agree, there is no real good place to find help that is not written for a programmer or IT specialist. I am feeling like I should just give up this site, why not make it easier???


Dear London_Lady,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are always happy to answer your questions and walk you through the RoundTeam account setup process. Do not hesitate to open new support ticket.

Thank you!

Like the others I am finding this site way to technical.... whilst I am reasonably tech savvy, this site and how it works remains a complete bloody mystery.  The help page was no help at all and I left there feeling even more confused.  I am trying to get to the Control panel / dashboard but after reading all the guff I am no wiser how to access that section of the site.  All I want to do is add some twitter accounts to my stream... HELP!!!  Please

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Just like StuartMedia said--this site works great--but making changes is a mystery.

I am totally confused about this whole thing.  I thought that this automatically re-tweets your tweets to the people you put in your list.  Now I'm reading things and it sounds like I retweet their stuff.  Help!  :(

Thank you for your feedback!

We are working on making RoundTeam more user friendly. In the meantime, please visit RoundTeam How-to page that has a set of video tutorials to help you with the setup. 

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