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Need to switch accounts

I have been trying to add an account but ever time I try to switch to a diff twitter the site automatically logs me into the one already registered.

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Ok, I have signed into my other account but it already has an active free account and I do not see a cancel subscription for the free accounts.


We are happy to hear that you managed to switch from one RoundTeam account to another. 

Each RoundTeam account must have one of the subscription plans available. FREE plan is the most basic one and is automatically assigned to each newly created RoundTeam account. There is no need to cancel it. You may upgrade your account at any time. To do this, please visit RoundTeam Pricing page.

Please, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

I need to cancel it so I can add it to my other account which is business account.

I have the same issue -- I need to move one twitter handle from a free account to a paid account.  I have a paid account already but have a single twitter handle associated with a free account.  As a result, it won't let me move the twitter handle to the paid account.

Yeah, i'm still having the problem. Also still very difficult to log in and out of different accounts. The site wants to automatically log you in without asking for password to the site. I must make sure I am signed out of all my twitter accounts, completely close out the round team window and open a new one and hope that it works.

Please, follow this instruction to delete Twitter handle from RoundTeam account. As soon as it is done, you will be able to connect this Twitter handle to another RoundTeam account.

Do not hesitate to open new support ticket if you have more specific questions.

Also, RoundTeam uses your Twitter credentials for the login process. RoundTeam does not store Twitter passwords in its database. If you are logged into one of your Twitter handles while visiting RoundTeam website, RoundTeam will use this Twitter handle automatically to log you into the system.

Me too

Hi Island_Glow, 

Please, consider opening new support ticket here:

Tell us more about what you need help with.


I am having the same problem going to try again. I have submitted to tickets and never got a reply, and when i check my support tickets the pages shows I have no support tickets???


Dear Gigs,

Thanks for contacting us. 

What Twitter handle did you use to log in to RoundTeam Help center? You may have your tickets under the different Twitter handle.

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