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Change Configuration Keywords

Can I change the search configuration (adding more keywords, etc) or do I have to delete and then re-add?


Great question!

Currently configuration items can not be edited in RoundTeam. You need to delete an incorrect item and create a new one instead.

Please, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Do not hesitate to open new support ticket if you have more specific questions.

This is inconvenient. We need to write down the settings, delete, and re-enter each time we need to adjust the keyword. Would love to see this changed. (Feature request.)


Dear theneverboss,

Sorry for this inconvenience, but there's good news! This change is coming in the next couple months! Stay tuned.

Best regards

RoundTeam Customer Support

I agree that this is a definite downer! As a workaround, I suggest you copy all your keywords onto an app like Notes or Stickies (on the Mac platform). Then copy and paste them into your new configuration if and when you need to update or adjust them. Your editable set remains available without having to retype it, and it's definitely a timesaver! One additional question, though: How many characters are allowed in a keyword/hashtag list? I saw one mention of 320 characters, but am unclear if this applies to the actual keyword/hashtag list and if it also includes modifiers such as "AND" "OR" etc.? I've got several lengthy lists of keywords and would like to add to them, but never know until I try if I can expand the list. Sometimes it seems to work, and the checkmark lets it go through. Other times, I have to delete a certain amount of characters before I can proceed…

Dear TableFountainsPs,

Good suggestion for the time being. Being able to edit your configurations is important and this will be part of the next update to our platform coming soon. Sorry for the present inconvenience.

The 320 character limit includes all symbols as well as "AND/OR". 

Best regards,

 RoundTeam Customer Support

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Thanks for the clarification of the character limit. I'll be sure to choose my keywords carefully to ensure maximum relevance and retweetability!


Hi all!

I want to follow up with you guys and let you know about the latest version of the RoundTeam Dashboard. Among other cool features, it now has an EDIT button for configurations in all categories! If you haven't checked it already - please give it a try. We worked hard to implement this and many other feature requests, and would absolutely love to hear your feedback.

Here is an official announcement and the overview video. Or simply log in to your RoundTeam account and play with the new Dashboard yourself!

We look forward to hear your thoughts!



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