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It keeps saying i have and account already but i cant sign in

i need help with loging in because It keeps saying i have and account already but i cant sign in and im loged into that account 

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What kind of error message do you see when you try to log in to your RoundTeam account? 

@myaccount is already connected with RoundTeam_

Dear MenfesBase,

We found this account connected elsewhere. We responded to the support ticket you submitted with instructions on how to resolve this issue.

Hello Please am facing the same problem can you help me resolve it? 

"@myaccount is already connected with RoundTeam_"

Dear Kathy_Curves,

We'd be happy to help you with this.

"@myaccount" connected to RoundTeam separately, this is why you are getting this message. 

Login to RoundTeam with "@myaccount" credentials then remove the Twitter handle by clicking the trash icon:

Then, login with your primary Twitter account (make sure you are signed in with this account on Twitter) that you wish to add @myaccount to and click the Add Twitter account icon:

On the next page make sure you are signed in with @myaccount by viewing the profile pic icon at the top right of the page. (If you are not signed in with @myaccount, click on the icon and sign out and sign in.)


then click "Authorize app". 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

Best regards,


I have the same issue - it won't let me do anything and says that @hackamp is already connected :(


Dear hackamp,

We responded to your ticket, please let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,


I'm having the same issue and it's frustrating!  I can't "trash" my account, either like described above.

I'm getting the same problem here - a pop-up keeps asking if I'd like to connect @myaccount when it's already connected. If I repeat the authorisation it comes back and the same pop-up appears. Nothing appears in the Teams or Reports tabs on the homepage and so there is no option to click on trash.
Strangely, when I authorised my other account, I can now see both along with my reports. Any reason for this? If not, consider my issue resolved.

Dear stevieboy,

On your reports page: you should see both your Teams (Twitter accounts). You can then click the toggle arrow (>) to the left of each thumbnail profile picture. By doing this you can drop down and collapse your retweet activity reports.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

Dear stevieboyh and homesteadhippy,

Your Twitter handles are connected to RoundTeam. However, you first created a RoundTeam account with a different Twitter handle and connected. This is your primary Twitter account, and you need to login to RoundTeam with this account. 

Please open a support ticket, for more detailed information so that you can access your RoundTeam account via logging with your primary Twitter accounts in RoundTeam. You can open a support ticket here:

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

Thanks. This answers my question. Will remember to login with the primary Twitter account from now on.
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