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RoundTeam in the classroom

RoundTeam makes your School/Faculty/Classroom Twitter account more social and informative. Thanks to automated retweets, each follower of a group Twitter account can instantly interact with all other followers.

There is no need to follow each other directly anymore. Just follow the group account and tweet to it. Your tweet will be retweeted, so all followers will see it.

Here are a few examples of how RoundTeam can be useful for a community of students:

  • Every student can quickly ask all his classmates a question and get immediate responses
  • Notify everyone about your absence or lateness
  • Share what you are up to with your classmates/students
  • Post updates on lectures schedule, homework due dates, upcoming projects, exams, office hours
To demonstrate this, we created test account @sf_art_school and connected it to RoundTeam. You can give it a try now. Follow @sf_art_school and tweet to it, your Tweet will be retweeted in approximately 5 minutes, and the rest of the followers will see it.

Here is an example of how it may look on Twitter:

This is how this account is configured in RoundTeam:

This configuration is very simple, yet powerful. You can use any #hashtag, @mention, keyword or phrase, for example: #modern_art. 

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