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Suggestion: Space retweets around my original tweets

It would be nice if I could set a filter such that if I'm doing so much of my own original tweets that RoundTeam holds off doing retweets until a certain period of time after my last tweet.  The simplest approach would be to have a filter that says "Hold off retweets for x minutes after your last original tweet".

This is to help avoid confusion for my Twitter followers where they might see these retweets in the middle of several tweets I'm doing on a particular matter.

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Hi @MetroIssues,

Thank you for the feature suggestion. We added it to the list of the filters, that we can consider to develop in the future.

In the meantime, please try to use Blackout hours filter if you want to avoid the retweet activity in certain periods during the day. Learn more about RoundTeam filters here.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions.

Thanks for considering my idea.  Also thanks for suggestion about using blackout hours, but I don't tweet in specific regular times of the day, so that won't work for me.


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