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Filtering by Geographical Location

Filtering retweets by geographical location appears to be a very useful feature. The most popular use cases of this type of filtering in RoundTeam are “all things local”. For example:

  • local cafes/shops/businesses retweeting from their customers. It’s hard to identify from whom to retweet when you just created your Twitter account. You don’t have many followers/following at the beginning, not sure whom to add to the newly created List and find retweeting from all Twitter users very risky. Retweeting your specific #hashtag/keyword/phrase from Everyone can flood your timeline with irrelevant content and we don’t want this to happen, for sure!  
  • festivals/concerts/local events – Same thing here. Retweeting from the certain geographical area seems to be the perfect solution
  • in case your retweet item is not so unique and is used by many other people all over the world – geolocation will help you to narrow the Tweet search and get retweets only from people in your city or country.

Let us walk you through the setup process as it is different from other Filters.

Step 1. Determine the geographical area you want to retweet from. Find its geographical coordinates.

Step 2. Generate your unique retweet item using the provided template.

Step 3. Set your newly created item to be retweeted from Everyone category. Apply additional filters if needed.

Now lets take a look at these Steps in more details.

Step 1. Decide what will be the area on the map you want to retweet from. Find the center point of this area.

For the purpose of vivid example, we decided to retweet the hashtag #moviefest from San Francisco and its closest suburbs.

To filter by geographical location, you will need to use a geographical coordinates of the point on the map you want to retweet from. This requires knowledge of the latitude and longitude of this point. There are many online services which can provide you exact coordinates by name of the city. We used this one.

Here is what we get for the San Francisco:

Step 2. Use the following template to create your retweet item:

your_retweet_item geocode:latitude,longitude,radius in miles

Please, make sure there are no spaces between the word geocode and coordinates.

In our example we got the following result:

#moviefest geocode:37.77493,-122.41942,15mi

Step 3. Add your retweet item to the Tweets category in the RoundTeam dashboard:


As a result, in our example we will retweet all the tweets containing #moviefest hashtag tweeted from the area of 15 miles in radius from the San Francisco city center.

Don’t forget about RoundTeam’s powerful filters. Any 10 of them can be additionally applied to the geocode retweet item. Read more about how it can be done here.



Enjoy and happy retweeting!

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Bingung cara memulainya gimana ? Cara meulai meng aktifkan auto retweetnya gimana ?

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Dear Jombloliciousss,

Sorry, we could not understand your request. All RoundTeam communications are held in English. Please re-write your question or open a new suppor ticket here: for more specific support.

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

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Hi guys,

I want to use #heiloo geocode:52.09583,5.64528,120mi (which is the city Goudsberg in the middle of The Netherlands). But I don't get any results... 
Can you pls help?

(: RoundTeam user

Also tried with km instead of mi, doesn't work also. It does work in Twitter search...

Hey, HalloHeiloo!

Sorry to hear that you got an empty Preview results. We did a quick check using the exact configuration you've shared and got some Tweets pulled up:


Maybe try again with the same configuration? 


That was what I'm looking for! Too bad, in my account it keeps coming up empty :(
Can other RoundTeam filters interfere with the geo location search string?

I have to have a good filter against foreign sex accounts wit links in pics...! 

Hi HalloHeiloo!

Yes, other filters can adjust the amount of results you are getting. However, once you type in the configuration, before applying any additional filters, you should see first results. 

Let us know if it works now.


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