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Suggestion: Filter by simple aspects of tweet

There are some tweets that go through that I would rather not retweet, such as ones that are a bare link (no prose to explain it) and ones that are particularly short.  It would be nice if I could choose any of the following filters:

1) Not a bare link
2) Minimum characters in tweet



Dear Steve,

We sincerely appreciate your feedback, thanks so much. These are great suggestions. 

Since you are currently retweeting from your own List you can do a few things to help with this issue:

1. Add additional hashtags or keywords to your List retweet setting so that you only retweet Tweets with those specific items in the text of the Tweet

2. Identify certain authors that continually post bare links and short Tweets and remove them from your List. 

3. Or similarly, use the filter "Not These Authors" to avoid retweeting these unwanted Tweets.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

RoundTeam Support

Thanks, but I'm afraid all of these ideas would be overlimiting or ineffectual.  I'm actually amazed that we can't require a minimum number of characters in a tweet.


It is a great suggestion indeed. Your feedback is very valuable and we are taking it into consideration. For now, we hope a combination of our current filters will help! 

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