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Affiliate plan?

Anyone aware of an affiliate plan for RoundTeam?

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Dear WillowRaven,

We'd be happy to help answer this for you. What kind of affiliation program are you referring to?

Best regards,


RoundTeam Support 

For example:

Grammarly, Manageflitter, Amazon, Weebly, and many more companies offer affiliate links that members can promote, leading people to their companies, and if the referred person signs up using my link, I make a small commission of the sale.

Does RoundTeam have an affiliate program?

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As of present, we do not, but thank you for your interest!

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You guys should serious think about this. Your membership would EXPLODE :)....if you want it to that is.

Thank you very much for the feedback on this suggestion. We are exploring the options here and will keep you posted on that.



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