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Auto-retweet help?

Hi there!

I can't really figure out on how to automaticly re-tweet a tweet from a person who follows me and @mentions my twitter name in the tweet. And what is the limit of re-tweets i can do per hour?


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Dear UltraRTs,

When you first create your RoundTeam account and connect your Twitter account, you are asked by RoundTeam if you would like to retweet your followers when they mention you. You can elect "yes" or "no". If you choose yes, you will see your Twitter handle as a mention retweet setting in the Followers category.

Then, whenever your followers mention you, you will retweet them.

The maximum retweets per hour offered to customers on a FREE plan is 10.

Best regards,


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hi there.

I need help on how to post my own tweets 3-4x a day to my followers and to the public for a long duration of 6months.

Dear Marker_SF,

We received the ticket you opened with this question and responded to it. Looking forward to your reply there.

Best regards,



How can you adjust the already established account to apply this feature, in order to retweet the contents mentioned about the company automatically?

Thank you.


Hi Glendy!

We've got your support request regarding the same question. We've replied you back. Please, check your email and don't hesitate to followup with us over the email if you will have additional questions.


RoundTeam Support Team

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