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Bot-Net policy

RoundTeam faces the situation when a lot of bot accounts are added daily to retweet particular hashtags/keywords. It’s so popular today to cheat the Twitter rules, and to put some topics in trend by doing hundreds of automated retweets!

RoundTeam is against this unfair method of “promotion”. We support only real Twitter users and no bots. It doesn’t matter how many followers bots have, if they have an avatar, description or location… they are still bots.

We permanently suspend retweeting from all “bot-net” Twitter accounts because of potential Twitter rules violation. Our service has obligations to operate in strict compliance with Twitter automation rules and best practices.

Here is the list of rules “bot-nets” might potentially violate:

1) The Twitter Rules/Abusive Behavior/Multiple account abuse

2) Automation Rules and Best Practices/Automating multiple accounts

We understand and appreciate the willingness of our customers to promote their businesses on Twitter using our service. RoundTeam has a lot of organic ways to do this.

Before adding your Twitter accounts to RoundTeam, please, make sure you are not violating Twitter Rules.

If you still feel like adding ten automated Twitter handles per RoundTeam account won’t break the above constraints — please submit a new ticket in RoundTeam Help Center so we’ll make sure your Twitter handles are not blocked.

Hi I want deleting my account.
My account is blocked Where the problem Help me please.

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Dear royal_ooo,

Your RoundTeam account was blocked as a part of the botnet doing mass retweets of certain Twitter account.

Automated retweeting of a particular Twitter account by multiple Twitter accounts is prohibited by RoundTeam policies and Twitter rules. This action confuses local Twitter trends, local "who to follow" suggestions and other internal mechanisms, so it is classified as spamming.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I'm not a robot please unlock my account

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Dear Convergencia,

We have replied your support tickets. We would be happy to help you there.

Best regards,

RoundTeam Customer Support

yo no soy un robot por favor unlock my account

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Dear protestacomunal,

Please, open a new support ticket here.


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