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How to avoid retweet mention tweets?

I'm been looking for an article that help me to avoid retweet mention tweets.

In the picture attached you can see that I want to retweet @HubSpotEspanol tweets. But not only retweet @HubSpotEspanol also retweet anyone that mention @HubSpotEspanol

I want to retweet ONLY the tweets from @HubSpotEspanol


Dear _AngelAndujar,

We'd be happy to help with this. You can use the configuration from:HubSpotEspanol to only retweet Tweets published by this author that you wish to share with you and your community.

Here is a helpful tutorial on this setting. You can also find additional RoundTeam tutorials on our How To page.

Best Regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

Thanks very much. Exactly what I need.

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