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Retweet a user, but only his English tweets

Just like you have the feature with ugly words, perhaps you could add one where only a tweet with specific language is retweeted. I have many people to retweet, however more often than not, they tweet in their mother tongue and I would not like my business twitter to be flooded with various languages.

This might not be an issue in US, but in Europe certainly is.

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Dear JEF_Europe,

We would be happy to help with this.

If you would only like your account to retweet Tweet that are published in English, you can use the setting lang:en

So for example, if you want to retweet #books only in English, your setting would be: #books lang:en

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

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Hi Michael,
Just a quick question if I have a string of several hashtags to I have to append lang:en to each or can I do it once only for the whole string?

 so which syntax is it correct:

#books OR #library OR #research lang:en


#books lang:en OR #library lang:en OR #research lang:en

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Dear Grafixwire,

Great question!

lang:en needs to only be applied at the end of the setting, as in:

#books OR #library OR #research lang:en

Best regards,


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Thanks Michael


Dear Grafixwire,

You're welcome! If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to open a new support ticket here:

Best Regards,


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