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Delete my account

I want my account deleted. This thing has been stupid and I want billing stopped. This is the third request I have made. It must stop now!!!

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Dear derekdaily,

We responded to your requests. Your Twitter handles have been removed from RoundTeam. They are no longer authorized or connected to our system. 

On our most recent response to the ticket you opened, we explained that our records show that you were charged for one billing cycle before you decided to cancel. Please reply to the Help Center ticket that you opened.

We look forward to your reply.

RoundTeam Support.

I logged in from a different acct but it attached to this acct. I'm so confused. Please help

Dear TasteYourVapor,

We would be happy to help you with. What is the other Twitter handle you have connected to RoundTeam? You can also open a support ticket: and we can assist you there as well.

Looking forward to your reply.

Your faq makes it seem like cancellation is easy...then there's no button. All I really want is to have zero posts on my Facebook account.

Dear HalfBlackCanuck,

We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

Here is how to stop Twitter from posting to Facebook:

Step 1

Navigate to your Facebook settings

Step 2

Click "Apps" in the window's left navigation pane. Locate "Twitter" in your list of authorized apps and click the small "X" to the 

Step 3

Select "Remove" in the confirmation window. Click "Home" in the top-right corner to return to your Facebook homepage.

To remove your Twitter account from RoundTeam follow these simple steps: Remove My Account

Best regards,


I'm not even a paid customer..I just don't get it!!! Please delete my account.

Dear Miss. CeeCee,

We removed your Twitter handle from RoundTeam and you account is now deactivated.

We're sorry that you experienced such difficulty. If you ever wish to try RoundTeam again there are some helpful video tutorials on our How To page.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards


RoundTeam Customer Support

can you delete my account please, no clear way of doing this.

many thanks

Dear sdsarchitecture,

Your Twitter handle was removed from RoundTeam and your account is now deactivated.

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

I have tried to deactivate my account and it told me that my account for @highwayarcade had been blacklisted, but gave me no reason as to why. I was only told to contact support, which I have, and have not heard anything back at all.

All I want is to deactivate my roundteam account for the twitter handle @highwayarcade as soon as possible. Please resolve this.


Dear highwayarcade,

Your Twitter handle was removed, and your RoundTeam account as been deactivated.

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

I would like to delete my account as soon as possible...why is there no clear way to do that?

Dear gpwfly,

You can remove any Twitter handle you connect to RoundTeam by clicking the trash icon:

Once all Twitter handles are removed, your account will be deactivated. We have now deactivated your account.

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

please delete my account and thanks

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