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Aggregate Updates

RoundTeam gives an opportunity to automatically collect updates on interesting topics from relevant people. Let’s say you are interested in tweets about some event. For example, science expedition. Of course, you can follow all members of this expedition. But then you’ll get all their tweets, not only related to the topic of your interest. As another option, you can follow this expedition’s #hashtag. But it means you’ll get all tweets with this hashtag, not only those ones posted by expedition members.

RoundTeam offers a perfect solution for this problem. Just set up RoundTeam to retweet specific #hashtag from a certain group of people (e.g., expedition members) and enjoy a feed of relevant tweets generated for you automatically! As a bonus, since you receive all desired tweets in one feed, you can use it for memories, historical analysis etc.


Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how it works.

Step 1. Go to and "Sign in with Twitter" at the top of the page using the Twitter account of your choice.

Step 2. Configure retweets.

After Step 1 is done, you'll see your personal retweeting dashboard:


Now, there are actually two ways to configure retweets from specific group of Twitter accounts. We’ll take a look on each of them one-by-one.

Option 1. Retweet from the Tweets category.

Usually events like expeditions (or similar to it) have specific #hashtag or keywords added to the tweets. The simplest way to aggregate updates is to set up retweets from “Tweets” category by this specific retweet item (#/@/keyword).

For the purpose of a vivid example we will use the hashtag #expeditionClick “+” button in “Tweets” category and type your hashtag in the appeared text box:


Click the "Save” button.


Simple, isn’t it? You are almost done!

You can use any retweet item (@mention/#hashtag/keyword) and any combination of them, to reach better results and make your retweets more targeted. Don’t forget about configuring RoundTeam Filters too.

That’s it. Let’s have a look at the second option now.

Option 2. Retweet from a Twitter List.

If you want to have even more control over your retweets, we recommend using Lists category for aggregating updates. Before setting up retweets from this category, you need to create a public Twitter list and add there all the Twitter users you want to retweet. The main advantage of the Lists method is that you can retweet all tweets from the List members, or make selective retweets using additional #hashtag/keyword. Moreover, it will be the perfect solution, if you want to retweet updates from fewer Twitter users (in our example — expedition members), than you actually follow. Also, it is very simple to operate — just add or remove members to/from your Twitter List.

To illustrate this approach, we will be using a public list on Twitter called “Example List”. This list has only one member — @RoundTeam.

To configure retweets aggregation from a List you need to click the “Add item” button in the “Lists” category and specify your list in the appeared field like the following: 


Click the "Save" button to save the configuration.


In case of more targeted retweeting, use settings like this: 

  • RoundTeam_demo/example-list/#expedition
  • RoundTeam_demo/example-list/expedition

Just click "EDIT" to adjust your setting.

Now you are all set! Enjoy and happy retweeting!

Very useful. Thanks

Dear dubaihtIsuites,

You're very welcome.

If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to open a support ticket here:

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