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Create closed groups and private discussions on Twitter

RoundTeam provides the ability to post incoming Twitter Direct Messages as new Tweets. It is worth mentioning that tweeting DMs is a free feature available to all our customers.

This functionality adds two more ways to use RoundTeam:

  • Ability to tweet through one Twitter account by a group of people without sharing a password
  • Ability to create closed groups and private discussions on Twitter

We already described the first scenario in Tweet through one Twitter account by several people.

Lets take a detailed look at the second one:

Creating closed groups and private discussions on Twitter.

Imagine you are attending some classes. You and most of your classmates are passionate Twitter users and tweet a lot daily. Why not to use Twitter to communicate with your classmates?! You can discuss news, ask questions about your homework, get timely schedule updates and so much more. Of course, you can mutually follow each other to get informed about the class’ life. Not a bad idea! However, you will also get all other Tweets of each other, many of them unrelated to your classes. You may not be so interested in being informed about all these things, right?

At RoundTeam, we found the way to keep your communication thread clean from the irrelevant information. Now you can inform all your friends at once by sending just one direct message on Twitter. Here is how it works:

Step 1. Choose Twitter account you want to use as a group account – create new or use existing one. Make its tweets protected. So, it will look like that to the non-followers on Twitter:

Step 2. Connect chosen Twitter account to RoundTeam. Set it up to tweet Direct Messages. Click the "Add item" in the Direct Message category. Additionally, use numerous filters to reach your communication goals.

We suggest two options on how to do the setup. Let's look at each one of them:

Option 1. You can choose to tweet All DMs sent to the group account by leaving the available field blank. In this case make sure to apply Only these authors filter narrowing down the circle of contributors and some Excluding text filtering if needed.


Make sure to click "Save" and your setting will look like the following:


 Option 2. You can set up RoundTeam to Tweet only DMs which contain a specific #hashtag/keyword/phrase. As usual, you can add extra filtering on top of your configuration.

For example, tweeting incoming Direct Messages with the tag #update excluding those about history and politics:


Likewise, remember to click "Save" when you're done.

Refer to the Direct Messages guide for more information about possible configurations and step-by-step instructions.

Step 3. Follow your friends with the group Twitter account, so they will be able to send DMs to it. Each time you have something to share with your classmates, just send Direct Message to your group Twitter account, and it will be featured in the group’s Twitter Timeline automatically in just a few minutes.


  • It is private, and we mean it! Non-followers can not see the discussion you are having
  • No limitations on the amount of participants in your group
  • Strict community management rules – allow new Tweets only from approved members, unfollow and/or block Twitter users to prevent them from following the discussion or contributing to it
  • Tweet only what is important: choose all DMs or only those containing specific tag/word/phrase
  • Additionally filter out undesirable content by using Excluding text filters

We still have nothing to share with you at this point…

Start using this amazing feature today to enjoy Twitter with enhanced privacy. And don’t forget to send us your feedback, please!

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