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How to retweet based on phrases?

How to retweet based on phrases? I looked at the video in the beggining but It show how to retweet using hastags keywords. What I want is to retweet based on phrases. 

For example, weight loss control supplements 

Those are 4 words, 1 keyword. How I set Roundteam to retweet when someone type a specific phrase in their tweet?

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Dear _AngelAndujar,

You can enter your phrase as a retweet setting as either:

weight loss control supplements - this will retweet Tweets with this phrases or Tweets with all 4 keywords in them. 

Additionally you can apply the Exact Match filter to weight loss control supplements to retweet this exact phrase. However this Filter will not work if you are retweeting multiple items in a setting i.e., weight loss control supplements OR diet OR health food

or simply

"weight loss control supplements" -  with quotations, this will retweet Tweets with this exact phrase.

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

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