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how do i delete my account

how do i delete my account. I want it deleted.


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Dear authorJMD,

You can remove your Twitter handle from RoundTeam and deactivate your RoundTeam account by clicking the trash icon:

If you wouldn't mind, please tell us a little more about why you're deciding to deactivate your account. Is there any way we can improve our service?

Best regards,


RoundTeam Customer Support

New to Twitter and this is too difficult to understand

Pls unblock my account. It's been blocked for almost 2yrs. Please

Dear kaekykyn,

Thanks for your feedback. We are making some changes to our platform, in the meantime there are some helpful tutorial videos on our How To page.

We'd be happy to help and provide you with detailed support. Please open a support ticket:

Best regards,

RoundTeam Customer Support

Dear Bina_lym,

Please open an unblock request ticket here:

Can you please tell us how many Twitter accounts you have connected to RoundTeam and what your Twitter and retweet goals are? Please, if you would, be as specific as possible.

Best regards, 

RoundTeam Customer Support

I want to delete my account! I deactivated it as described above. I want to completely delete it though. And I want to stop Roundteam posting Roundteam Tweets on my timeline!

Thx in advance! 


Dear Dion,


Your Twitter handle has been removed from RoundTeam, and your RoundTeam account is now deactivated.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards, 

RoundTeam Customer Support

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Dear Michael

I want to reach twitter handles (followers, followed etc.) to set a new team. But unfortunately I can't. I need urgent help if possible.

Best regards

Dear Melekcocuk,

Unfortunately, we were not able to understand your question. Please, open a new support ticket here and provide more information on this issue if possible.

Thank you!

I would like to delete my account.  Can't find how to do this... thanks


Once you delete all connected Twitter accounts, your RoundTeam account will be deactivated upon logout from the website. 

Let us know if you have more questions.

Ganna, I turned in a ticket and you are assigned to it, yet I have not heard from anyone!! I cannot see my account and I paid for a membership. It says I do not have a Twitter account but I do! Please help me resolve this! 

Hi @MexiMoments,

Marisa, I'm working on your ticket and DM right now. Will send you a reply shortly. Thanks!


delete my aCCOUNT

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