New Subscription Plans in RoundTeam


We've made some exciting changes to our subscription plan structure that we are happy to announce. Our new plans are tailored to a wide variety of uses: personal use and passion projects, small companies and personal brands, as well as larger companies, agencies and brand managers.


We've worked hard to offer something for everyone in RoundTeam.  We now offer 4 updated plans: Free, Plus, Premium, and Business


These plans vary in how many retweets are available per month, how many Twitter accounts can be connected to the RoundTeam dashboard, and how many retweet configurations can be used. We strive to make our service accessible to all our customers and fit their needs. 


Give RoundTeam a try with our Free plan. This plan is great for trialling and personal passion projects. Available 200 retweets per month will help to diversify content on your Twitter Timeline and increase engagement with your Twitter community.


The Plus plan is great if you'd like to connect a personal account with more regular and targeted retweeting. It offers up to 600 retweets per month as well as more retweet configurations.


The Premium plan is our most popular plan and is ideal for personal brands and small companies. Connect up to 3 Twitter accounts and share quality Tweets with your followers. With Premium plan a quota of 3,000 retweets per month is available to each connected Twitter account. A high number of retweet configurations allows you to customize retweets to reach your customer base and offer valuable Twitter updates to your audience.


Our Business plan is best suited for larger companies, agencies and brand managers. A Business plan offers up to 35 retweets per hour for each of the connected 10 Twitter accounts. It provides an extensive number of retweet configurations for some serious brand, business or corporate profile retweeting. 


Visit the RoundTeam Pricing Page to compare plans and chose the one that fits your needs best.

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