Coming Soon: Major Changes to the RoundTeam platform

We’ve worked hard to make RoundTeam a valuable content management tool and support a wide variety of uses. Today we are excited to announce several major changes to the RoundTeam platform that will gradually come into effect starting from September, 17th.


With the new retweet algorithm the average time needed for new retweets/tweets to be delivered to your Twitter Timeline is only 5 minutes. The new algorithm will be available to all RoundTeam customers regardless of the subscription plan.


With the updated version of RoundTeam platform you have more control than ever on the type of content you wish to share via RoundTeam. You will be able to apply up to 10 filters for each configuration in order to maximize the customization of the retweet results you are looking for.


We wish to offer our customers the best, most effecient experience possible and so we decided to open the Everyone category to all users in RoundTeam. With this change the existing categories Followed and Followers will no longer be available. A single category - Tweets - will cover an increasing demand of RoundTeam users on quality, targeted retweets. Learn more about this change.


In addition to everything described above, we restructured existing subscription plans to offer something for everyone in RoundTeam. Learn more about new subscription plans.


We strive to offer the most valuable experience to our customers and deliver a product that is fast, reliable and accessible for all.

There are more exciting changes to come in the coming months. Stay tuned and follow RoundTeam on Twitter!

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My twitter feeds have stopped retwitting! How do I unpause this?

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I have the free version and my account has been paused.  I also have one section saying it is discontinued.  I am not sure how to correct this or what I have done wrong.

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I also use the free service and it is paused. I just generated a ticket request service restoration. 

You have to click in the middle button to reactivate your account. You can only have 1 option in your tweets 

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Thanks for the screen capture! Here is another:

Click this activate/pause button to activate or pause your account.

Best regards,

RoundTeam Customer Support

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I don't have the activate button. It tells me I have to correct issues first. What issues?

Our apologies,

When your account is active it will appear like this:

When it is paused it will appear like this:

Click this button to either pause or activate your account.

Dear LScottBooks,

We have activated your account for you by clicking this button.

A Free plan now offers 1 retweet configuration for Tweets or Direct Messages category and 1 configuration for Lists. 

The maximum number of retweets allowed for Free plan is 200 per 30 days. Once the quota is reached, your retweeting activity will be paused till the next quota is available. 

We recommend using the Maximum RT per hour and Minimum RT interval filter together with RT Probability and Black out hours filters to create daily-balanced retweets throughout the month. Up to 10 filters can be applied to each configuration.

Best regards,

RoundTeam Customer Support