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I want my account deleted

I am a hostage of Roundteam. I want to delete my account and it is not letting me. I hate this. I have 0 control

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Dear anitaDlivaditis,

When you login to signing in via Twitter with your @anitaDlivaditis account you will see the following:


This is your RoundTeam dashboard.

Your account is currently Paused. 

You can pause or activate your account to stop/resume retweeting at any time by clicking the Pause button "II" or Activate button "(>)" on your dashboard.

Best regards,

RoundTeam Customer Support

I want to continue to keep and use my Twitter account but I do not want to be a member of roundteam.  please explain to me how to do this.  I see no place to control this.  I cannot find a dashboard or my settings or a control panel or anything.  This is very strange.  I feel like a hostage, too.  

Dear Furdaneta1,

You have successfully removed your Twitter handle and deactivated your account.

Please tell us more about what you mean by "0" control? You can retweet specific content and add up to 10 filters including "Only these Authors", "Not These Authors", and "Excluding Text". 

You can also pick specific Twitter users, place them in a Twitter List and retweet only those users.

Best regards,

RoundTeam Customer Support

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