New RoundTeam Dashboard

We have implemented a brand new design for the RoundTeam Dashboard that we are quite proud of. It's intuitive, fresh and user friendly, enabling our customers to share the valuable content they care about, keeping their followers engaged and coming back for more!


Now connected Twitter accounts, retweet configurations and your RoundTeam retweet history are all laid out in 3 clean columns, making it easy to connect a new Twitter handle, create a detailed retweet setting and most importantly - review the content results brought to you by RoundTeam.

We are committed to make a RoundTeam setup process as easy and efficient as possible. The RoundTeam Dashboard now has improved flow for creating new settings in Twitter Lists and in Direct messages sections. And if you didn't get your new configuration right from the first try, that's not a big deal, since now you can simply EDIT your retweet configurations without needing to re-create them.

One more thing to get you even more excited about the new RoundTeam Dashboard! The third column also serves as a content Preview feed while you are working on a new configuration or editing an existing one. You no longer have to guess what kind of retweets you will see in your Twitter Timeline. Take a pick on a recent Twitter content that matches your retweet criteria, generated for you in a Preview column by the RoundTeam smart algorithm.

The new Dashboard is now available to all RoundTeam users. Watch this overview video to learn more.
And try it out - we think you're gonna love it!

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