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How to use 'Minutes Ago' feature

Hello, I tried to use minutes ago feature but it seems no tweet get retweeted. Can you please explain what is minutes ago feature, its utility and how to use it. Thank you.
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Hi Bitcoin_Bullet!

Minutes ago filter, when applied, makes sure the content retweeted to your Timeline is as fresh as you want it to be. The most popular cases for this filter:
- when your Twitter handle was paused in RoundTeam for a while and you want to re-activate it, but want only fresh Tweets to go through
- when you use Blackout hours filter and don't retweet during certain hours
- when you have Minimum RT interval in place and allow only 1 Tweet every 5 hours, for example.

The values for Minutes ago filter are in minutes and can be in a range from 1 (Tweets that are 1 min old) to 1140 (Tweets that can be up to 24 hours old).

Let us know if you have any followup questions.


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