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My Twitter account isn't retweeting

Hi, there!. I realize that my Twitter account @BenditSarmiento left to retweet ten hours ago. Is it possible any problem?

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I am also having this problem under my account. Under a free account you should be able to retweet 200 times over 30 days from what I read, and that does not seem to be the case here as approx. 20 retweets have been made. Please help!

No retweets at all today. No indication that I have gone over my limit.

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for reporting this issue. A small portion of RoundTeam users was affected by this problem. This has been fixed the same day and well-tested by now. You should no longer have any issues with your retweets. If you still do, then it may be not associated with a mentioned problem. In this case, please open a new support ticket with additional details.



Yep, my account is not retweeting. I have previews, but nothing is being retweeted from the assigned twitter list. What is up with that? How do I get this fixed?


My account is not retweeting either. In fact, it hasn't retweeted since July 15. 

Hi LorelaisLife!

Your Twitter handle was on Pause in RoundTeam for some reason. We have activated your Twitter handle and the retweet activity will resume shortly.



Hi JudithWhitmore!

It looks like your monthly Plus subscription was cancelled on 07/15 and your RoundTeam account was downgraded to a Free plan shortly after that. At the moment your Twitter handle is paused in RoundTeam since it has more configurations then it is currently allowed on a Free plan. If you wish to continue using RoundTeam paid services, then please visit RoundTeam Pricing page to upgrade your account. Otherwise, please consider removing excess configurations, keeping only 1. Once it is done, you will be able to activate your Twitter handle by clicking the settings wheel in front of your Twitter name and following the prompts from there.



Hi All!

Thanks for your comments!
This topic is related to a specific retweet issue that happened on 07/26 and affected a small number of RoundTeam users. This issue was resolved the same day.

We are now closing comments to this topic. If you have any issues with retweeting, please submit a new support ticket through RoundTeam Help Center.

Thank you!