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Account not retweeting

Hi my account doesn't appear to be retweeting, I opened a ticket months ago and never got a response. I would appreciate a solution, many thanks

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A little help?
Hi there!

We've replied to your support ticket a couple of months ago. You can read all our previous communications when you choose "All Tickets" option on your Help Center home page.

As we explained in our previous reply, your Twitter handle has been paused in RoundTeam. And we provided an instruction on how to re-activate it for your future reference. For now we went ahead and re-activated it from our side. Your retweet system is up and running now and the first batch of retweets went through already. Please, keep in mind that there is a 30-day retweet quota of 200 retweets on a Free plan. So you may want to limit your hourly retweet activity in order to evenly distribute the quota usage throughout the month. We took an initiative and applied Maximum per Hour filter to your Twitter List configuration. You can adjust the filters and its values as any time.

Hope this helps! Thanks.


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