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somebody help me

I lost my account and they keep charging me from Roundteam. What can I do?

my account was @tutiopelao

Hi Claudio!

Thanks for reaching out. We've checked @tutiopelao RoundTeam account and it doesn't have a subscription. This RoundTeam account had a Free plan and since all connected Twitter handles were removed from this account at some point, it has been already deactivated. 

Let us know if you have any other RoundTeam accounts. Please, open a new support request here in order to get timely replies.


According to that, why do they keep charging me?

Thank you for your purchase!

--Transaction Information--
Merchant:           RoundTeam
Amount:             $30.00 USD
Transaction Date:   Aug 17 2017, 06:43 AM CDT
Tax Exempt:         no
Authorization Code: 799176
Status:             Submitted For Settlement

--Payment Information--
Card Type:          MasterCard
Credit Card Ends With:8080

  --Customer Information--

Hi Claudio! 

We were able to locate a RoundTeam account that has the subscription in question. Please, open a new support request here, since we can not continue solving this issue on a forum due to payment security issues. 


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