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No answer from Customer Support???


I haven't received a response to my ticket #21687.

Can you confirm you're still in business, please.

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My ticket #21672 is 17 days old.  No response.  What's up you guys?


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Hello, is this website still running? If not, I'd like an immediate refund.

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Hi guys,

Apologies for the lack of communication from our side. We are terribly sorry you didn't get a timely response on your support requests. 

Both tickets have been answered now. 


Having the same issue here. Made a payment a couple of weeks ago and still getting bombarded with automated emails that my subscription hasn't been paid. Wrote a ton of emails to customer support, not a single reply. What is going on?

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Just following up this issue, my account is not downgraded despite of payment made. What scam is this?

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Hi @GoDatesCo!

We are sorry to hear about your issue! We've escalated your request and someone will get back to you shortly.


I have raised a ticket because I am still seeing "quota exceeded", my automatic RT's service is stopped since november started and no response yet. I hope for an answer immediately, my paid subscription hasn't expired and I need for service, this lack of response is really ridiculous.


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Hi Nicko,

Thanks for reaching out. We are somewhat overwhelmed with the number of requests at this moment. We are processing them in the order of being received. Someone will get back to you shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


Come you guys, that is my business, I pay for the subscription and service, in the past there weren't delays like these, what happened that you now are so overwhelmed? 


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The service on our account has not been working for weeks now and we can't get any answer from the customer service. We demand a refund for the time the service didn't work.

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I am seriously thinking in cancel the subscription, seems that nobody is taking care of this, and won't do anymore. Money back? I really doubt, but RTeam never more. 

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My service has also not been working for weeks. No retweets. No history showing. RTeam still managed to charge my account for the month. I lodged a ticket 14 days ago (#22029) and have not received any form of response or acknowledgement. For my paid membership level I am guaranteed a response with 5 days. I will not be continuing with my subscription if this is not resolved very shortly. It's just money down the drain at this point. Very disappointing customer service.

And now posts here in this forum need approval before publishing. MORE THAN UNBELIEVABLE

They should cancelled my automatic payment without asking, so I'm assuming it's toast.

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