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Quota Reached

I’m told that the hourly quota has been reached but it hasn’t as far as I can see

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@benditsarmiento  what's your alternative?

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Has anyone found an alternative that allows you to retweet all tweets from specific users? Roundteam just charged me $144 even though I asked them to cancel my service two weeks ago and they have yet to refund me the portion that wasn't. I emailed them requesting a full refund for this months service and I got an automated response that they are no longer monitoring their emails. Looks like they have given up and dont plan on making it right with their clients. I just canceled my subscription through PayPal and put a claim in with them, I suggest you all do the same.

Well, seems that cancellation function is the only thing it works perfectly, I am seeing now that my PLUS subs is cancelled and will turn to FREE (that doesn't work anyway) next January 2019. I really got sick of this, and I read in forum section that the refunds are not given, at least that is RTeam policy.


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Okay I’m going to assume I’m never going to get my money back for a service that doesn’t even exist anymore. They can take my money and run, I suppose. I’ll cancel and walk away. Good talking to you all!

My acct page also shows that it's cancelled...not by me... and will return to Free in 2019. (???)

Just cancelled the recurring payment in Paypal. 

Awe it is sad and inconvenient to have to do this at such a busy time for e-commerce. But I appreciate u sharing where to go next! Awesome thanks for sharing!

My account only says "quota available: 2991" and I have never seen "quota exceeded" at all, and we have not had a retweet since mid-July from what we can tell by examining out Twitter feed retweets. It has been well over a week since RoundTeam has responded to our ticket and I've updated it twice since then asking for more info or an update. I think they are avoiding everyone, and I think its rotten that they have not publicly addressed this issue with an announcement of any kind anywhere. 

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