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Not working for almost a week.

 I really like this service but I've been down for about a week now with no resolution and no response to my support ticket after the initial response which was to say that the service is down and engineers are working on it.  I find it difficult to believe that it takes a week to resolve a connection issue to twitter.  I'm beginning to wonder if I am going to have to dispute charges to my credit card for this "service"?

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Same here, it would be nice just to get an update and let us know if they will be able to continue to interface with twitter.

same :( 

This is the response I received earlier today: Dear customer, Thank you for your continuous patience while we are working on the resolution of this issue. As we mentioned before, the issue is related to a new limitation introduced recently by the Twitter API Team. We are working with them in order to resolve the issue. The process is slow, as you may have already noticed. At the moment we don’t have any realistic timeline or estimate on when this may be resolved. We keep working hard and will keep you posted if we have any progress. We understand that your business may rely on retweet services heavily. We truly apologize for not being able to deliver up to your expectations. If you can no longer wait for the resolution of this issue, we suggest you to cancel your current subscription with RoundTeam and request a refund for the portion of the services that you were not able to use.  Thank you for your understanding! Best Regards, RoundTeam Customer Support Team

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Thanks for sharing your feedback. This does not sound encouraging. Would be nice to know a ballpark timeframe such as a couple more weeks or this may take months of programming time. My issue is That I am grandfathered in at a lower rate if I cancel and they do get it working I loose the lower rate. They should consider credits on our accounts until it is corrected or be upfront if it looks like a problem they can’t solve.

Here is my take on this situation.  Twitter made changes to their rules as a result of the 2016 election meddling by other countries.  Other companies have been blocked from integrating with Twitters API as a result.  It appears that RoundTeam has now been affected.  This is due to people breaking the rules and using the service to spam Twitter with multiple accounts.  It impacts those of us who were not using this service for that purpose.  For example, I was using it to auto retweet a list of certain people.  I suspect this issue is not going to get resolved unless the company can negotiate some favorable terms with Twitter.  It is a complicated issue.  My .02

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We're experiencing the same problem as well and have yet to have any response. I noticed the subscription page says no longer accepting subscriptions when trying to sign up... This sucks for the people who just spent on this month expecting to have service.

On October 22nd, Twitter started enforcing new app-level rate limits, which include a maximum of 300 tweets and retweets per hour, to reduce spam. The rate limits apply to the entire app, not each user of the app. Since the Roundteam app likely retweets thousands of tweets per hour, it has exceeded the limit. The developer has to apply to Twitter for "elevated POST access" to exceed the new limit. This involves an application and review process, which could take weeks, and it's possible Roundteam's request will be denied, which will kill this service.

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I have been waiting over four days for a reply to me ticket with no idea what was happening, so I thank you for the great but very disheartening explanation.

Same issue here. Only just found the thread. Realised something was wrong when my followers started falling! Also on a legacy rate, so not worth cancelling, and only used this for RTs every few hours - minimal, effective, no spam 
Round team offered me a refund for the portion not used and I asked them to stop service 9 days ago only to find out I was charged $145 for renewal today yet my service still doesnt work. I will be disputing these charges and reporting them to the BBB
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