To remove a Twitter handle and stop all automated activities powered by RoundTeam:

  1. Log in to RoundTeam.
  2. Click on the setting wheel to the right of your Twitter handle's name and click "Delete Account".
  3. Confirm deletion in the appeared pop-up dialog window.

If all Twitter handles are removed, your RoundTeam account will be automatically deactivated. You can activate it again at any time by simply logging in RoundTeam. 

Note: If your paid subscription has ended, you will no longer have access to your RoundTeam Dashboard and you won't be able to remove your Twitter handle from RoundTeam Platform without our help. Your RoundTeam account will be inactive in this case and you shouldn't worry about any unexpected retweet activity on your Twitter Timeline.  You may decide to disconnect your Twitter handle from RoundTeam Platform for various reasons, including that you want to re-connect it to a different RoundTeam account that you own. In this case, please submit a new support request through the RoundTeam Help Center on behalf of the Twitter account you want to be removed.