Fill your Buffer queue with great content carefully selected for you by the RoundTeam algorithm. Instead of making an instant Retweet, RoundTeam will send Retweets to the Buffer queue of your choice. You can then manage such Retweets through your Buffer Dashboard - schedule them for later, add comments and hashtags to them, drag & drop them from one queue to another - think transferring them to your Facebook queue or LinkedIn queue, for example. 

Follow these steps to set up RoundTeam < > Buffer integration:

  1. From your RoundTeam Dashboard, click on the settings wheel in front of the Twitter account you want to connect Buffer to. Choose "Buffer" option from there: 
  2. You'll be guided to the Buffer Authorization page. Click "Allow access" button there: 

  3. Once the above step is done, you'll be brought back to your RoundTeam Dashboard and your RoundTeam < > Buffer integration is now completed!

Few facts about RoundTeam < > Buffer integration you should know:

  • Have several Buffer accounts? Great! Choose which one should be integrated with each of your Twitter handles in RoundTeam. Buffer accounts are connected independently to each of the Twitter handles you have in your RoundTeam Dashboard. So if you manage multiple Twitter handles - you can connect separate Buffer account to each of them.
  • Have multiple retweet configurations in place? Awesome! Not all of them should send content to Buffer once you enable the integration. You can choose which configuration sends Tweets to Buffer and which is not. Enable Buffer for a configuration of your choice just like that:
  • If you have multiple Twitter profiles in your Buffer, you can choose where exactly your Retweets should go, when configuring RoundTeam. Choose just one profile, several or all of them. Remember, if you enable Buffer for your configuration, you have to choose at least one profile in order for it to work:
  • For now, RoundTeam can send content to the Twitter profile queues only. However, you can easily drag & drop them elsewhere - Facebook queue, LinkedIn queue, etc.
  • Access a Buffer Settings page for each of your Twitter accounts by clicking the settings wheel in front of its name in your RoundTeam Dashboard. On Buffer Settings page you will be able to see the name of the connected Buffer account with an option to disconnect it or to reconnect it if needed.