At some point, it may become necessary to reconnect your Buffer account to your Twitter handle in order to keep the RoundTeam and Buffer integration working properly. If the connection with your Buffer account is lost, you will see the following message on the Buffer settings page of the affected Twitter handle:

An issue like that may happen, for example, when you accidentally revoke access granted to the RoundTeam application.

Follow these steps to reconnect your Buffer account:

  1. Go to your RoundTeam Dashboard and open the Buffer settings page for the affected Twitter handle by clicking on the settings wheel in front of the Twitter name and choosing the "Buffer" option: 
  2. Once on the Buffer settings page, click the  button below the red warning message. 
  3. You will be sent to the Buffer Authorization page, where you need to click "Allow access" in order to proceed: 
  4. Once it is done, your Buffer account will be successfully reconnected. You will be redirected straight to your RoundTeam Dashboard in order to continue working on your configurations and filters.

Rarely, when you are redirected back from Buffer Authorization page to the RoundTeam Dashboard, you will see a pop-up message like this:

This is the case if you own several Buffer accounts and this simply means that you are trying to connect a different Buffer account to the Twitter handle, that already has a Buffer integration. If this is NOT what your intention is, then please go to the Buffer website and make sure you are logged in with the correct Buffer account. Then get back to RoundTeam and try reconnecting again.

If connecting a different Buffer account is exactly what you intend to do, then please click that red "Ok" button in a pop-up and click the  button on top of the page to disable the existing integration first. Then start again with the step 1 of this instruction and follow the prompts from there.