With RoundTeam you can connect a Twitter account and set it to retweet hashtags, keywords or phrases, specific Twitter users and Lists. Using RoundTeam you can retweet these items from anyone on Twitter or from specific groups of Twitter users (Twitter Lists). The hashtags, keywords etc. that you enter will be automatically retweeted on your Twitter Timeline when others use them in their Tweets.

Here are some helpful details about the main features of RoundTeam:

  • A configuration is any hashtag, keyword, phrase or other Twitter search item that is created by you. Configurations are used by RoundTeam to perform automated activities on behalf of your connected Twitter account.

  • In the "Tweets" category of your RoundTeam dashboard, configurations can be any Twitter search terms used to find Tweets to retweet via RoundTeam. They can be anything from simple hashtag (i.e. #startup), to a complex Twitter advanced search expression. RoundTeam sends your configurations to Twitter periodically to obtain Tweets that can potentially be retweeted. RoundTeam filters can be applied, to make retweets more specific. 

  • For the "Lists" category, configurations are a combination of the following: the Twitter username of the List owner, the List name, and optional keyword(s). RoundTeam periodically fetches Tweets from the List you have connected with the goal of potentially making a retweet. With the optional keyword field, you can use "AND, OR" logical operators to create more sophisticated criteria to retweet (i.e., #books OR #authors). Filters can be applied to these configurations as well.

  • In "Direct messages" configurations are keywords, hashtags or phrases, which are required to be present in an incoming Twitter Direct Message. Leave the keyword field blank to Tweet all incoming direct messages regardless of the hashtags and keywords they contain. Filters can be applied as usual. Use "Only these authors" filter to restrict tweeting of Direct Messages from certain authors.

With one RoundTeam account you can connect up to 10 Twitter handles (depending on the RoundTeam subscription plan you use) to retweet unique content for each one of them.

Here is a short video on how RoundTeam works: Make Sharing Simple with RoundTeam.  

Need help getting started? Here is a helpful tutorial to help you Get Started with RoundTeam.

Visit RoundTeam Pricing page to compare subscription plans and upgrade your account to get more from RoundTeam.