RoundTeam provides two ways to retweet from only one or from multiple Twitter accounts:

1.  You can retweet from a Twitter List to get Tweets from a group of one or more Twitter accounts. This allows you to pick several trusted authors to regularly retweet from. To do this:

          Create a public List on Twitter and add one or more Twitter accounts you wish to retweet as members of your list. Then connect your list to RoundTeam. Here are detailed instructions for connecting a Twitter List to RoundTeam

2.  Use Twitter advanced search to retweet only from specified authors. For example, "from:RoundTeam". Here are detailed instructions.

          By choosing this method you can retweet one specific Twitter account by simply using 
Twitter advanced search to generate a search expression and copy/paste it to RoundTeam. Or, learn how to configure this setting yourself in this video tutorial on how to Retweet a Specific Twitter User.