If you're account is blocked you will see the following message on your RoundTeam dashboard:

RoundTeam does not provide service to users who violate any of the conditions below:

  • Increasing the popularity of a Twitter account, hashtag, or phrase by massive automated retweeting is not allowed.

  • RoundTeam cannot be used to produce or distribute any sort of spam on Twitter.

  • RoundTeam cannot be used for actions, which only have value when done manually by individual Twitter account holders. For example, using automated retweets for voting is not allowed.

  • No "FollowBack" activity. RoundTeam should not be associated with Twitter accounts involved in any form of “followback” activities, including tweeting or retweeting “followback” Tweets, advertising “followback” in account name or description. RoundTeam ignores all Tweets containing signs of being a part of the “followback” movement.

  • No trading followers. RoundTeam should not be associated with Twitter accounts involved in trading followers, including any form of advertising to buy or sell followers, mentioning “gain more followers” or alike statements in Twitter name, description, Tweets.

More information can be found in the "Bot-nets policy".

If, after reading all the above, you still believe you were blocked by mistake, please submit a new ticket to our support team. Use “Unblock request” as a subject of your ticket. Include the following information in it:

  • Number of Twitter accounts you connected to RoundTeam.

  • What is your use case in RoundTeam? What are your retweet goals on Twitter?

Please note, that unblock requests are processed in order of being received. Actual response time for unblock requests may reach up to 2 weeks.