Sometimes you may need to re-connect your Twitter account to RoundTeam. It may be especially necessary when you don't see your Twitter handle retweeting. However, make sure you understand retweet timeframes.

These are the steps to re-connect Twitter account to RoundTeam:

  1. Log in to RoundTeam, disconnect your Twitter handle from our service by clicking the "Delete account" button to the right of your Twitter name.
  2. Log in to Twitter. 
  3. Visit your Applications page.
  4. Revoke access from the retweet application ( the default one called "RoundTeam" OR a custom one - the one you registered for RoundTeam).
  5. Go back to RoundTeam, link your Twitter handle again using  the "Add account" button.

If this doesn't help, and you still don't see your retweets, please submit a new ticket to our Support Team. We will do our best to resolve this issue.