RoundTeam is committed to NOT distribute or produce spam. If your Tweets are being retweeted by a particular RoundTeam user, you can block them on Twitter. Users blocked by you on Twitter are not able to retweet your Tweets. Please, read more about how to block particular Twitter user.

You can also prevent ANY RoundTeam users from retweeting you in the future by following these steps:

  1. Go to RoundTeam's main page and click "Stop RT" tab at the top menu. We will ask you to authorize our read-only app, solely for authentication purposes. This is a safe operation. RoundTeam does not have any access to passwords, and can't perform any actions on Twitter on your behalf. Also, you can always revoke access after you're done.
  2. After you click on "Authorize app" on the Twitter authorization page, you'll be taken back to RoundTeam.
  3. Mark the following checkbox:

  4. Finish with the "Submit" button. You can now safely revoke access from "RoundTeam Sign-In" app on Twitter.

After doing this, none of the RoundTeam's users will able to automatically retweet your Tweets.