Follow these steps to link multiple Twitter accounts to one RoundTeam dashboard OR to re-authorize a Twitter account(s) with RoundTeam:

         1. Click on the "Add account" button in the First Column of your dashboard. This will take you to the Twitter authorization page, where you will be asked to authorize an application named "RoundTeam".
         2. Enter the username and password of Twitter account you'd like to connect to your RoundTeam dashboard. (Note: RoundTeam doesn't have access to any Twitter passwords.)

         3. Click "Authorize app".

You will be automatically redirected back to the RoundTeam web-site, where your newly authorized Twitter account will appear in the First Column of your dashboard.

When re-authorizing a Twitter account, all existing settings remain unchanged in RoundTeam. Only authorization credentials get updated internally in the RoundTeam system.

Note: There are limits on the number of connected Twitter accounts per each RoundTeam account. Learn more here.