Tweeting incoming Direct Messages allows you to:

Steps to Tweet incoming Direct Messages are as follows:

  1. Decide whether you want to tweet all incoming Direct Messages, or only some of them.
  2. Click the "Add item" button. Then leave the provided field blank and click "Save" if you want to Tweet every incoming Direct Message.
  3. Create a configuration to Tweet Direct Messages with a specific #hashtag/@mention/keyword/phrases only.

Example: Let's Tweet incoming Direct Messages sent to @RoundTeam_demo that contains the hashtag #update and was sent from @alice* or @nina*.

  1. Click the "Add item" button on the "Direct Messages" section of your RoundTeam dashboard: 
  2. Enter #update to the appeared text box: 
  3. Apply "Only these authors" filter with value "@alice, @nina". Then make sure and click "Save".
  4. Here is how the configuration looks:Now, each time @alice or @nina sends a Direct Message to @RoundTeam_demo with the hashtag #update, it appears as a new Tweet posted by @RoundTeam_demo.

Tweet author names can be hidden by using "Hide author names" filter.

Note: You can always choose to tweet all incoming Direct Messages and leave the keyword field blank. Apply additional filters if needed and click the "Save" button.

* usernames @alice and @nina are used in this document only for example purposes. RoundTeam is not affiliated anyhow with people holding these names on Twitter.