A configuration is any text expression such as a hashtag, keyword or phrase, used to search Twitter for content you wish to retweet (for example, #ilovecoffee or #Toronto or "from:RoundTeam"). A configuration cannot be longer than 1000 characters (#ilovecoffee for example, is 12 characters).

Twitter has a convenient interface that helps you to build precise search expressions. You can simply copy and paste them from Twitter to RoundTeam.*

With your Twitter handle connected to RoundTeam, you can create configurations in the Tweets category of the dashboard. Configurations in the Tweets category are retweeted from any user on Twitter. Apply up to 10 powerful RoundTeam filters for each configuration to maximize the customization of the retweet results you are looking for. 

There is one more category that gives you the most control over the authors you want to retweet from Lists. Refer to the full Lists guide for more information.

Watch the "Getting Started" tutorial on our How To page for help with retweeting your Twitter search expressions!

* Filtering by geographical location requires special configuration.